Power Electronics

Highly Integrated Buck Regulator

The LM5010 National Semiconductor Corp. is a 75-V buck regulator with all the functions needed to implement an efficient power management solution capable of supplying in excess of 1-A load current. The LM5010 complements National’s LM5007, a 75-V, 0.5-A buck regulator, and integrates unique high-frequency control circuitry that enables designers to use the regulator with smaller filters and fewer external components.

“The LM5010 builds on the success of National’s popular LM5000 series of power management products and expands our buck regulator offerings,” said Paul Greenland, marketing director for National Semiconductor’s Power Management group. “The LM5010’s combination of small size and high-frequency operation makes it unique in the industry and gives our customers more options when selecting an ultrasmall, highly integrated buck regulator for their high-voltage power supply and telecom applications.”

Key features of National’s LM5010 include an input voltage range of 8 V to 75 V; a typical Valley-current limit of 1.25 A; and an integrated 80-V, N-Channel buck switch. Other integrated functions include a startup regulator and a current sense resistor. In addition, the LM5010 provides a constant on-time control with voltage feed-forward, requires no loop compensation and delivers a typical transient response of just 5 µs.

Available in a 4-mm × 4-mm LLP or TSSOP package, the LM5010 is manufactured in National’s Greenock, Scotland, wafer fab and tested in National’s East Malacca, Malaysia, test and assembly facility. It is priced at $1.35 each in 1K volumes.

For more information, visit www.national.com/pf/LM/LM5010.html.

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