Power Electronics

Highly Cost-effective POL Converters

Power-One announces the availability of three No-Bus Point-Of-Load (POL) converters: the 7-A ZY1207, 15-A ZY1115 and 20-A ZY1120. These cost-effective digital POLs solve customers’ most frequently experienced power-management problems via simple pin strapping, and the use of only one trim resistor and capacitor. With unit prices competitive with analog POLs, customers can typically save between $5 and $10 for a 4-output IBA power system by not having to implement external controllers and other associated components.

These digital No-Bus Z-1000 POLs support sequencing with configurable delays, tracking and cascading between multiple outputs. The POLs also enable feedback-loop compensation parameters to be optimized for specific applications. In addition, the converters offer noise and EMI control via frequency synchronization and programmable phase interleave. Other features include output current and temperature measurements via monitoring pins. Also, these power converters feature current sharing of up to ten No-Bus POLs.

The horizontally mounted ZY1207 uses a 12.5-mm × 22.2-mm SMT footprint and a low-profile 6.5-mm height. The vertically mounted ZY1115 and ZY1120 share the same 8-mm × 32-mm SMT footprint and a low-profile 14-mm height, facilitating migration as amperage requirements change. Other features include configurable outputs from 0.5 V to 5.5 V; wide-range 3-V to 13.2-V input; prebiased output startup capabilities; sink and source current for active bus termination; and an extensive set of protections, including output overvoltage. Unit pricing in quantities of 1000 is $6.60, $9.90, and $12.10 for the ZY1207, ZY1115 and ZY112, respectively.

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