Power Electronics

High-Voltage Solar Cell Product

Clare Inc., an IXYS company, recently announced the immediate availability of the CPC1810 solar cell product and the introduction of a new solar cell technology. The CPC1810 solar cell is activated by either natural sunlight or artificial light and produces a floating source voltage, up to 7.5 V and current output of 12 µA. Initial samples are packaged in a 4-pin TO-39 can with a clear surface for light transmission. Additional package options will be available in the near future, as well as individual die or whole wafers.

The CPC1810 replaces discrete component solutions while offering the advantages of semiconductor miniature size and reliability. The CPC1810 solar cell is ideal for use in a variety of applications, including solar battery chargers, battery-operated equipment, portable electronics, consumer applications, off-grid installation, wireless sensors and detectors, self-powered sunlight/light detection, and remote installation products. It can provide trickle charge to battery-operated systems, thus increasing battery life and preventing total discharge, or non-operation due to battery drain.

For more information, visit www.clare.com or www.ixys.com.

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