Power Electronics

High-Voltage Schottky Diodes

Central Semiconductor Corp.’s CMLD6263 Series PICOmini surface-mount Schottky diodes are rated at 70-V (max) peak repetitive reverse voltage with a continuous forward current of 15 mA (max) and low forward-voltage drop of 0.41 V (max) per device. In addition to the superior VF; specification, these devices exhibit a fast t rr; of 5 nS (max) and low capacitance of 2 pF.

This next generation of smaller, higher density discrete semiconductors manufactured by Central is optimal for portable handheld electronic devices requiring superior performance and reliability in the smallest possible package. These PICOmini diodes in the SOT-563 package boast the same small signal specifications as the larger SOT-363 or SOT-26 devices, but require less circuit board space. In addition, they are manufactured in 5 configurations. These devices also have a nominal profile of 0.58 mm and are SUBONE certified. SUBONE certified devices all feature a profile of less than 1 mm.

For more information, visit www.centralsemi.com.

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