Power Electronics

High-voltage Rectifiers for Fast Switching

Capable of switching at faster than 400 ns at up to 5000 V, the HV1-HV5 axial-leaded diodes expand Diotec Semiconductor’s range of high-voltage rectifiers. The parts are offering blocking voltages of 1.5 kV, 2 kV, 3 kV and 5 kV in the DO-41 and DO-15 standard packages.

Forward currents are between 200 mA and 500 mA. Reverse recovery times of less than 400 ns allow for usage even at higher switching frequencies.

Applications for such high blocking devices include electronic ballasts in lighting applications and other circuits where usual blocking voltages are not sufficient. The parts comply with the RoHS directive and complete the existing ranges of standard rectifiers having 2 kV in SMD and up to 16 kV in axial leaded version.

For more information, visit www.diotec.com.

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