Power Electronics

High-Voltage Power Conversion IC Series

Shindengen America Inc.’s new MR2900 Series of high-voltage power conversion ICs integrates a high-speed 900-V IGBT power switch, a pulse frequency modulation controller, an onboard start-up circuit and protection functions (shorts, overcurrent and overvoltage). The design takes advantage of soft drive circuitry to achieve low noise. By implementing an integrated onboard intelligent standby circuitry (patent pending), low-power standby operations can be achieved for “green” applications.

Using a Multiple Chip Module (MCM) structure approach, the series is packaged in a low-cost 7-pin isolated ZIP package. Because of its ability to operate off of line voltages, the MR2900 series reduces design complexity, cost and weight issues by eliminating the need for a step-down transformer.

The MR2900 is available in two models: the MD2920 (7 A) with an output capacity rated at 150 W and the MD2940 (10 A) with a power out rating of 225 W. Applications include televisions, set top boxes, consumer electronics and industrial applications.

Samples for the MR2900 series are available now. Pricing for the MR2920 is $2.60 in 1000 pc quantities.

For more information, visit www.shindengen.com.

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