Power Electronics

High-Voltage IGBT Gate Drive Unit

Westcode Semiconductors Limited, a division of the IXYS Corp., has released a high-voltage IGBT gate drive unit (GDU) designed to complement its range of high voltage press-pack IGBTs and standard IGBT modules.

The device, known as C0030BG400, is a single channel 30-A peak rated driver suitable for low- and high-side applications. With a dc link voltage of up to 3.5 kV (5 kV available on request) and with dv/dt immunity of over 100 kV/µs, this GDU performs all of the necessary supervisory functions, including undervoltage lockout and SCSOA protection with user-configurable response and feedback. The unit requires a simple 15-Vdc power supply and features fiber-optic command and feedback signals.

Capable of driving virtually all IGBTs, including the company’s range of press-pack devices rated up to 5200 V and 1500 A at frequencies from dc up to 20 kHz. Options include standard variants set up for use with each of Westcode’s range of press-pack IGBTs and the core module for integration into end-user PCBs. Additionally, Westcode’s application engineers can develop semi-custom solutions based around the standard core module.

For more information, visit www.westcode.com.

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