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High-Voltage Converter for Extreme Environments

Absopulse Electronics’ HVI 109-WR-TX converter is designed for use in harsh environments where a wide operating temperature range of -40°C to +50°C and a wide input voltage range of 400 Vdc to 800 Vdc are required. This rugged unit is suited to railway, heavy industrial as well as other applications in adverse environments.

The HVI 109-WR-TX design employs field-proven, double-conversion topology to generate 24 Vdc continuous voltage at 4 A. It has non-destructive reverse polarity protection on the input, surge protection and high-grade input/output filtering to meet EN55022 Class A EMI as a minimum. The unit is designed to meet international safety approvals, including IEC950, CSA22.2.950 and UL1950. (UL850). It is conduction cooled and the chassis measures 4.4 in. × 2.2 in. × 10 in.

This converter can be fully encapsulated to ensure immunity to shock, vibration, humidity, moisture, dust and insects. Optional redundancy diodes would allow for parallel-connection for higher output power or N+1 redundancy, or make it suitable for battery charging applications.

The HVI 109-WR-TX standard model is priced at $186 at quantities of 25 to 99. Absopulse’s HVI (high voltage input) Series incorporates an extensive range of high-voltage input converters with output power ranging from 50 W to more than 3000 W.

For more information, visit www.absopulse.com.

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