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High-voltage Cable Analyzer Tests Up to 72 Points

QuadTech announces the availability of its Fusion high-voltage cable analyzers for testing wire, cable and harnesses; opens; shorts; and mis-wires. Eight models are available with choices that include individual or a combination of ac and dc hipot test capability, and pin counts to the device under test of 36 or 72 points. Its PC-based intuitive graphical touch-screen makes for easy setup and operation. The highly automated system allows for custom test programming without the need for scripting. Through component recognition, cable assemblies can be learned and test programs generated automatically.

Comprised of a control box and switching box, Fusion is suitable for high-volume production testing of products ranging from medical device cables and connectors to those used in the aerospace and utility industries. Features include:

  • AC dielectric withstand testing 50 V to 3500 V
  • DC dielectric withstand testing to 50 V to 3000 V
  • Continuity and resistance measurements, 2-Wire or 4-Wire
  • Insulation resistance measurements to 100 GΩ
  • Capacitance measurements from 100 pF to 1000 µF

The Fusion Analyzer offers additional features, including auto learn, component testing, reports generation, and includes several standard interfaces. The auto-learn mode uses a known good product as the basis for generating a test program for testing of identical product. By learning the net list of a product a test program is quickly generated for detecting opens, shorts or mis-wires.

The unit also is capable of testing product comprised of multiple components such as resistors, capacitors, diodes and switches. The configuration of components can be learned automatically and edited as necessary. Reports can be generated for each product tested, formatted by the user, displayed, saved to a file, or printed via the units RS-232 interface.

Other standard interfaces on the Fusion include a 3.5-in. disk drive for backup of test programs and adaptor library, as well as interface for an external VGA monitor, keyboard, mouse, and Ethernet network interface. The unit can function as a standalone system or can be easily integrated into a larger automated system using its digital inputs and digital outputs. For verifying the internal switching system of the Fusion, a built-in self-test and diagnostic check can be initiated by the user. To restrict access to certain functions, password protection can inhibit the modifying of test programs and system parameters.

The price of the Fusion Series analyzers starts at $16,550, which includes keyboard adaptors, ground probe and NIST traceable calibration certificate.

For more information, visit www.quadtech.com.

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