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Power Electronics

High-Stability Real-Time Clock

STMicroelectronics has achieved record low power consumption in a highly accurate temperature-compensated real-time clock chip for utility meters and other equipment including medical devices and industrial systems that require stable, precision timing.

Typically drawing only 0.8 µA with temperature compensation fully operational, the M41TC8025 single-chip real-time clock has lower power consumption than any alternative device. This helps reduce operating costs for electronic utility meters and can extend the lifetime of battery-powered equipment. Temperature compensation guarantees accuracy to within 2.5 minutes per year (±5 ppm) over the entire specified temperature range from -40 to +85 °C. In metering applications, this allows precise time stamping and tariff switching across seasons and in various climates.

Tests with a lead customer have revealed another advantage of the M41TC8025; superior corrosion resistance. The customer, a producer of electronic utility meters for use outdoors in harsh environments such as coastal regions, performed corrosion testing and found that ST's new single-chip real-time clock outperforms functionally equivalent devices, owing to its high-quality package design and materials.

The M41TC8025 generates accurate date and time information in seconds, minutes, hours, day-of-week, date (day of month), month and year, and helps simplify system design by providing extra integrated functions including an alarm, fixed-cycle timer, time-update interrupt, and programmable frequency outputs. The device integrates a temperature-compensated 32768 Hz crystal oscillator as precision timing reference, which helps minimize component count and simplify system hardware design.

The M41TC8025 is sampling now to lead customers, in the SO-14 surface-mount package, priced from $2.80 in quantities over 1,000 pieces. Alternative pricing options for higher quantities are available on request.

Part Number: M41TC8025

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