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High-Rate Li-ion Cell Raises Battery Performance for Power Tools

High-Rate Li-ion Cell Raises Battery Performance for Power Tools

Panasonic has introduced a high rate lithium-ion (Li-ion) cell that employs a nickel manganese-based cathode material to deliver higher discharge rates and better temperature stability than comparative cells, according to the vendor.

The CGR26650A Li-ion cylindrical cell (see the figure) also uses the company’s heat resistance layer technology to provide safer operation in applications such as portable power tools, medical equipment, memory storage, back up power, and uninterruptible power supplies

Suitable for multi-cell applications, the CGR26650A cell offers a discharge rate capability of up to 40 A and a typical capacity of 2650 mAH. The cell also has a high recharge rate capacity with the ability to recover most of the cell’s capacity within 20 minutes. Other benefits of the cell in include wide operating temperature range and excellent cycle life.

For more information on this high-rate Li-ion cell or a list of our authorized Li-ion pack assemblers, send an inquiry to [email protected] or see
www.panasonic.com where a link to the data sheet is also provided.

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