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High-Power System for Central Office, Wireless Telecom Applications

Valere Power’s new Modular DC Power System is the company’s first ac-dc power system targeted at high-power central office and wireless telecommunications applications that need between 800A and 20,000A of power.

The company will debut the Modular DC Power System and demonstrate its complete product line in a series of customer events in key North American cities, as well as Mexico City, throughout October and November.

The Modular DC Power System can be configured to offer 800A in half of a telecom rack—enough to power an entire wireless base station in only 25% of the space normally allocated for power systems. In a full telecom rack, it is scalable from 3200A up to more than 20,000A in multiple rack systems, enough to power large central office equipment installations.

The system uses Valere's new X-Series rectifier, which is based on the company's patented zero-voltage switch mode (ZVSM) ac-dc power conversion technology. The X-Series rectifiers are 2RU-high units that support 48V, 24V or 12V output voltages, and range in current levels from 50A to 200A.

The Modular DC Power System has extra space in the distribution modules for safety and ease of installation. The distribution modules have insulated cable channels to simplify cabling, and a wide range of breakers to support various equipment types. This capability is especially important in evolving networks, where the power system must support new equipment with different connection requirements.

An optional Enhanced Monitoring System can accept alarm and status signals from co-located batteries, engine alternators, HVAC, utility, security, building management and other network elements to form a single network management system. Up to 16 other devices can be connected through this gateway.

For more information, visit www.valerepower.com.

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