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High-Performance Apollo 5, True 80-A Quarter Brick

Providing original equipment manufacturers with the feature set required to meet high-efficiency power demands in a small package, Cherokee International announced its Apollo 5 quarter-brick dc-dc converter family. The Apollo 5, an 80-A quarter brick, is a direct response to customers' requests for dc-dc converters that operate without de-rating at practical operating conditions—300 linear fpm airflow at 50°C.

Compared to today's typical quarter bricks operating at 50 A under similar conditions, this converter delivers 60% more power with leading efficiencies in a compact 1.45-in. x 2.28-in. package. In addition, an integrated pre-bias feature enables monotonic startup for synchronizing multiple converters to multiple output voltages during power-up.

The Apollo 5 delivers high currents supporting the double-p pinout standard with output voltages at 1.8, 1.5 or 1.2 V and an industry-leading current density of 55 A/cu in. Ideally designed for OEMs with applications for high-current consumption from a 48 V wide-range or central-office input, the Apollo 5 lends itself to power next-generation switches, routers, telecom, automatic test equipment, wireless loop, and radio frequency transmission devices.

The converters come complete with vital industry standard features such as remote on/off, remote sensing, output voltage adjust pin, over temperature protection, output over-current and over-voltage protection, and input under-voltage protection. Additional features include self-contained bias circuitry that eliminates race conditions, no minimum load requirements, constant frequency operation for predictable EMI characteristics, tightly regulated outputs, low ripple and noise, and auto restart after fault shutdown.

The Apollo 5 family of 80 A quarter bricks is available in open frame or base plate models with 1.8, 1.5 and 1.2 output voltages and is priced at $79 for quantities of 1000 units.

For more information, visit www.cherokeepwr.com.

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