Power Electronics

High-efficiency Transformers Developed for Forward Converters

Tabtronics has released an off-the-shelf forward converter transformer. The HXTF02005 transformer uses the company’s Hyper-X Magnetic Technology to dissipate less than 1% of output power while delivering 20 V at 5 A from a 400-Vdc input. The device is housed in a PQ26/25 package.

The unit's construction uses triple-insulated wire for the primary winding. The maximum footprint is 28 mm × 35.6 mm and height is 28 mm. At a duty cycle of about 35.2% for a nominal 400-Vdc input, the transformer operates in a forward converter configuration to provide 100-W (20 V at 5 A) dc output with about 0.85-W dissipation.

Tabtronics’ off-the-shelf Hyper-XMT power components meet modern safety and RoHS requirements.

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