Power Electronics

High-Efficiency, High-Current Half-Brick

RO Associates Inc. has recently released a new ultrahigh efficiency, high-current half-brick with 48-V input and 2.5 V output at 65 A. Their isolated, fixed- frequency, state-of-the-art design uses synchronous rectification, an integrated planar transformer and a low-loss multilayer PCB to provide 65 A of 2.5-Vdc power. Their very high efficiency of more than 89% allows them to be operated in a typical application without a heat sink. The HC Series includes an integral thermal interface to attach a high performance cooling system for more demanding environments.

The SYVHC48-2.5-65-1 comes in the enhanced half brick package of 2.42 in. × 2.4 in. × 0.5 in. The high current HC modules have double output pins for a low-loss PCB interface. These high-efficiency modules are ideal for low-voltage processors requiring isolation from the 48-V source.

SyncroVerter HC modules are high efficiency, constant frequency, isolated, low-noise converters that operate at full power over a base-plate range of –40°C to 100°C and achieve up to 56-W/cu in. high power density. These open-frame modules include remote sense, positive and negative on/off logic options, clamping overvoltage protection, standard threaded mounting holes, a trim range of 10%, and ±105°C overtemperature shutdown protection. Additional features include current limiting, short-circuit protection and excellent transient response. Evaluation boards are available and the modules are UL/CSA/TUV & CE compliant.

Pricing per module is $149 each, and in lots of 100 pieces, they are $135.00 each.

For more information, visit www.roassoc.com.

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