Power Electronics

High-Efficiency Boost Converter

The LX1994 from Microsemi Corp. is a high-efficiency dual-mode boost controller for powering LEDs in handheld battery-powered display applications, including pagers, cell phones, digital cameras and PDAs.

The new step-up boost controller uses an advanced dual PFM architecture design that accommodates the most efficient operation for either light or heavy current applications. Its dual-mode pulse frequency modulation (PFM) architecture saves costs and conserves board space.

Use of an external N-Channel MOSFET allows maximum design-in flexibility for application cost/efficiency tradeoffs. The light sensor interface allows easy addition of automatic brightness control of LED displays and increased system battery life when teamed with Microsemi's visible light sensors, such as the LX1971 and LX1972.

The LX1994 driver is available in a choice of two 3-mm2 10-pin surface-mount packages: the space-saving micro lead MLP package and the standard lead MSOP package. Both versions are available for immediate sampling and delivery, with 10,000 quantity pricing at $0.63 for the MLP and $0.61 for the MSOP version.

For more information, visit www.microsemi.com.

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