Power Electronics

High-Capacitance Tantalum Chip Capacitors

Cal-Chip Electronics Inc.’s TC Series of chip-type solid tantalum electrolytic capacitors offers low ESR and low ESL, along with a high capacitance range. The Series is comprised of chips in five EIA sizes ranging from A through E (3216 to 7343H). The components, which meet IECQ Standard QC300801/US0001 and EIA Standard 535BAAC, are engineered for compatibility with all tape-fed automatic pick and place systems to optimize OEM's profitability and throughput objectives. In addition, they can be attached to substrates or PC boards by conventional methods, including dip soldering, welding and re-flow soldering.

These ultraminiature resin molded chip-type capacitors are suitable for use in hybrid circuits and high-density, low-profile PCB designs in which inductance needs be minimized and PCB real estate maximized. Thus, they are most commonly specified for employment in applications such as communications, computers and peripherals, compact disc players, and video cameras, as well as in a broad range of bypass (decoupling), coupling, filter and time constant circuits.

The 100% surge current tested TC Series demonstrates a high ripple current carrying capability, and boasts chips in eight voltages (dc) ranging from 4 V to 50 V. The series also features a capacitance range of 0.1 mF to 470 mF, a standard capacitance tolerance of ±20% and ±10%, and operating temperature range of –55°C to 85°C (to 125°C with voltage derating).

For more information, visit www.calchipelectronics.com.

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