Here come gallium nitride transistors

The first 600-V HEMT (high electron mobility transistor) transistor made from gallium nitride was developed recently by a start-up called Transphorm Inc. The new EZ-GaN transistor is also the first to survive accelerated life testing per JEDEC industry standards, according to Transphorm CEO Umesh Mishra. “Our transistor has proved that it is possible to switch extremely fast without increasing electromagnetic interference (EMI), a feat never before achieved and most believed to be infeasible,”he said.

Transphorm’s 600-V transistor replaces silicon-based super junction transistors and IGBT devices in switch mode power conversion circuits, such as bridge converters and inverters. In so doing, it can reduce switching losses by up to 95%, Transphorm says.

In March, the company also released an EZ-GaN diode.

More info:

Our sister site filmed a video with Transphorm about their GaN diode which you can see here:

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