Power Electronics

Harmonic Filters Offer Harmonics Reduction

MTE Corp.’s Series B Matrix Low Pass Harmonic Filters substantially reduce harmonic current distortion and improve true power factor in virtually any 6-pulse rectifier application while offering lower cost and better performance than other harmonic filters.

They also provide typical full load performance levels of either 5% or 8% total harmonic current distortion (THID) and can be used to meet IEEE-519 and other harmonic standards. MTE Matrix Filters are the only passive harmonic filter solution that guarantees harmonic distortion levels at the input terminals to the filter. They’re also guaranteed right through the drive’s entire operating range (0% to 100% load).

Allowing users to achieve attenuation of harmonics to levels below that previously attainable only by using 12-pulse or 18-pulse rectification methods, they can be applied on SCR rectifiers, including phase control and pre-charge front ends. Additionally, they can be used with or without ac line reactors or dc chokes.

The filters minimize harmonic distortion in applications involving fans, UPS, pumps, water treatment facilities, HVAC systems, dc motor drives, ac motor drives, diode or SCR rectifiers, rectifier type welders, induction heating equipment, battery chargers, and uninterruptible power supplies. Ideal for “mission critical” applications, they’re also suitable for distributed generation equipment applications, elevator drives, 3-phase power supplies, and any 6-pulse rectifier. Series B Matrix Low Pass Harmonic Filters are UL Recognized (UL-508C) (File E180243) for both the United States and Canada.

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