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Half-bricks Provide 350-W Output with No Derating

A series of high-efficiency half-brick dc-dc converters from Artesyn Technologies delivers up to 350 W continuously and without derating, across a wide baseplate temperature range of -40°C to +100°C. The RFB300/350 series converters are designed to generate a nominal 12-Vdc or 28-Vdc isolated output. These converters are primarily intended for use with high performance RF (radio frequency) power amplifiers and equipment used in high availability applications such as cellular communication systems.

The converters’ wide operating temperature range makes them ideal as a compact power source for use in demanding outdoor environments, supporting cellular base station equipment and last mile broadband equipment. The RFB300/350 series comprises four models; one with a 24-V nominal (18-V to 36-V) input, and three with 48-V nominal (36-V to 75-V) inputs.

The 24-V input model provides an output of 11 A at 28 V (308 W). The three 48-V input models provide outputs of 11 A at 28 V (308 W), 12.5 A at 28 V (350 W), and 29.2 A at 12 V (350 W). To give the user added flexibility, each model comes as standard with a trim function allowing output voltage ranges of 16.8 V to 29.4 V (28 V) and 7.2 V to 13.2 V (12 V).

All four models use an advanced forward converter topology and fixed-frequency switching to provide very high conversion efficiencies of up to 91% at full load. This minimizes internal power dissipation, which simplifies thermal management and contributes to the converters’ excellent reliability. The 28-V output models, for example, have a calculated MTBF of more than 2.6 million hr at 55°C.

The converters are packaged as fully encapsulated units intended for through-hole board mounting and incorporate aluminum baseplate technology for conduction cooling. Various heatsink attachment methods are available, and the modules can be supplied with threaded or blank inserts to suit customers’ preferences.RFB300/350 series converters carry a full set of international safety approvals, including EN60950 VDE, UL/cUL60950 and an IECEE CB Scheme test certificate and report.

Sample quantities of Artesyn’s RFB300/350 series half-brick converters are available for immediate delivery. In OEM quantities of 1000, unit prices range from $82.50 for the 308-W, 24V-input model to $90.75 for the 350-W, wide-input model.

For more information, visit www.artesyn.com.

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