Power Electronics

“Green” PWM Controller Reduces Power Consumption

Fairchild Semiconductor International’s new FAN7601 is a programmable frequency, current mode PWM controller that meets the International Energy Agency’s (IEA) “1W Initiative” aimed at reducing the world’s standby power losses to below 1W. With an operating frequency of up to 300 kHz and an operating current of 4mA max, the FAN7601 significantly minimizes switching losses and is therefore considered a “green” product for complying with international energy savings guidelines. The FAN7601 requires few external components and is an ideal low-cost solution for off-line switch-mode power supply (SMPS) and dc-dc conversion applications, as well as for adapters in notebook PC, LCD monitor, DVD, set top box, and PC auxiliary power supply applications.

Internal features of the FAN7601, such as a programmable soft start (20 mS) and a start-up switch, further reduce power consumption. In addition, overvoltage protection (19V input/2.5V feedback), thermal shutdown, and undervoltage lock out (UVLO) (12V/8V) enhance system reliability. As a result of its simple board layout requirements, the FAN7601 ensures ease-of-use in applications as well as long-term reliability. The FAN7601 is available in an 8-dip package.

For more information, contact Fairchild Semiconductor’s Customer Support Center at (888) 522-5372, fax (972) 910-8036, or visit Fairchild’s website at www. fairchildsemi.com.

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