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A graduate certificate in hybrid vehicles

Purdue University has a new graduate engineering certificate program in hybrid vehicle. The new certificate program is administered by the School of Mechanical Engineering but open to any graduate student in engineering.

Participants must take one course in each of three areas: the architecture, or the integrated layout of the powertrain, which consists of the engine, electric or hydraulic motor and generator, transmission and other components; energy storage and controls, with courses focused on batteries or the design of algorithms needed to control the system; and "prime movers," which refers to the design of engines, electric motors and generators, hydraulic motors and pumps, and systems that capture braking energy with flywheels.

The Hybrid Vehicle Systems Certificate program was developed through the Hoosier Heavy Hybrid Center of Excellence (H3CoE), formed last year. The center is leading an effort to cut fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions in half for commercial vehicles by perfecting hybrid technologies for the world's burgeoning bus and truck fleets.

The center falls under the umbrella of the Purdue Energy Center Advanced Ground Vehicle Power and Energy Storage initiatives.

More information: Pankaj Sharma, managing director of the Energy Center, 765-496-7452, [email protected]

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