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GE Announces New Predictive Service Offering

GE Industrial Systems has recently launched GE’s PredictorTM Services, a service designed to improve equipment reliability and reduce maintenance costs with the use of predictive technology. This technology enables a customer to go from a reactive or preventive maintenance strategy to a predictive one using current and historical equipment data as part of the overall service fulfillment. GE then models the performance of equipment to predict and prevent failures.

GE’s Predictor Services blends service technology with field service execution capabilities to deliver optimum results. The benefits realized by the customer include reduced downtime, lower maintenance costs, improved maintenance planning and improved asset tracking.

According to Bob Gilligan, general manager, Automation Technology & Services, GE Industrial Systems, “Asset optimization is becoming one of the next steps a company can take to help stay competitive and meet operating goals. This fact, coupled with GE’s 100 years of field experience in electrical equipment, can help us make a difference to our customer’s bottom line.”

The same predictive technology GE uses in GE Medical Systems and GE Aircraft Engines, where equipment reliability is paramount, can now be applied to industrial applications. GE uses customer site data, internal GE data and current industry data, complete with thorough beta testing, to provide predictive results on both GE and non-GE equipment. And, as a customer’s historical data grows, so does the accuracy of the predictive model.

According to John Moore, vice president and general manager of Enterprise Systems, ARC Advisory Group, "In this increasingly competitive global marketplace, manufacturers recognize that they must do more with less. One area that is receiving increasing attention is capital equipment maintenance to improve uptime, minimize maintenance costs, and optimize asset utilization. Leveraging both its deep domain expertise in predictive asset monitoring in other industries, such as transportation and power, and its network of systems integrators, GE Industrial Systems is now providing the broader industrial manufacturing market with an attractive solution to their specific asset management needs."

“Clearly, identifying and implementing a plan to mitigate the risk of asset failure is critical since operational equipment can be shut down by failures in the electrical system,” said Gilligan. “The customer can benefit by collaboration with the GE field-service team to review, interpret and act on the information provided. We help our customers make data-driven decisions in determining the most optimum maintenance plan.”

To learn more about GE’s Predictor Services, visit geindustrial.com.

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