Power Electronics

Gate Drivers

The VLA500 and VLA502 are hybrid integrated circuits designed for driving n-channel IGBT modules in any gate-amplifier application. These devices have been designed to include the isolated DC-DC converter that is normally required externally for the gate drive. The inclusion of the DC-DC converter reduces the design-in time and greatly reduces the circuit complexity. Also included is built-in short circuit protection.

Both devices feature built-in isolated dc-dc converter for gate drive; SIP outline for reduction in space required for mounting; built-in short-circuit protection with fault output; variable fall time upon activation of the short-circuit protection; 2500-Vrms isolation between input and output; and TTL-compatible input.

The VLA502 provides a maximum 700-ns switching speed for driving high-frequency NFH-Series IGBTs.

The VLA500 is designed to drive standard IGBT modules and optimized for use with the Powerex NF-Series CSTBT (Carrier Stored Trench gate Bipolar Transistor) IGBT. The VLA502 is designed to drive high-frequency IGBT modules and optimized for use with the Powerex NFH-Series CSTBT IGBT. For more information, visit www.pwrx.com.

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