Power Electronics

G24 Innovations and Texas Instruments to Produce Nano-powered Energy Harvesting Products

G24 Innovations (G24i of Cardiff, UK), the global pioneer of Dye Sensitized Solar Cell technology (DSSC), has signed a strategic development agreement with Texas Instruments to create a joint technology platform by combining G24i's solar cell technology with TI's nano-powered converter. Under this strategic development agreement, the companies create a new opportunity for global OEMs to give birth to a whole new family of autonomous self-powering devices.

Texas Instruments has identified G24i's technology as the most efficient indoor energy harvesting system in the world. "We are thrilled to be working with Texas Instruments. The combination of our Gen-3 solar technology with TI's ground-breaking nano-powered converter will enable applications for a wide range of products including mouse and keyboards, energy efficiency, standby power and intelligent sensors for industrial and home automation applications" said Richard Costello, Chief Operating Officer at G24i.

"We are excited about this mutually beneficial strategic development agreement and have a number of global brands which are beta-testing the combined technology platform and have received very positive feedback. The power of this technology, completing the relationship of light, low power and energy storage gives our customers ultimately lower costs, less maintenance, energy efficiency and a lower carbon foot print" said Martin Carpenter, Business Development Manager at Texas Instruments.

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