Power Electronics

Full-Featured Hot-Swap Controller

The new ADM1073 hot-swap controller was developed as a result of rigorous research, development and testing conducted by Analog Devices in response to the growing demand for highly stable and flexible hot-swap capabilities. Hot-swap controllers enable safe board insertion and removal from a live -48-V backplane. The ADM1073 is loaded with new and enhanced features critical for seamless hot-swap applications, including:

  • Industry leading current-limit accuracy

  • Improved pulse-width-modulation (PWM) accuracy and flexibility

  • Dual overvoltage (O/V) and undervoltage (U/V) pins with variabl70e hysteresis

  • Programmable soft-starting of the current profile

  • Time-based foldback (TBF) for additional field effect transistor (FET) protection of five additional logic I/O flags (including shutdown and restart).

The device incorporates precise, robust current limiting and protection against transient and non-transient short circuits O/V and U/V conditions. It operates from a negative voltage of up to -80 V and can tolerate transient voltages of up to -200 V. The ADM1073 constantly monitors the load current to ensure that it remains less than a level programmed by an external sense resistor. Dynamic control of a FET in the power path allows this current to maintain a safe level at all times. Inrush current is accurately controlled at initial connection. This control, combined with the flexible limited consecutive retry PWM scheme and a new TBF feature offers the highest possible level of short-circuit protection.

For more information, visit www.analog.com.

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