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Flyback Transformer Drives Loads Up to 2000 Vdc

The Model 4283-1200 Series high-voltage flyback transformers from Datatronics drives high impedance loads requiring up to 2000 Vdc. Offering primary-to-secondary isolation of up to 7 kV dc, these application-specific devices can be custom configured to meet a variety of medical, military or commercial applications.

Typical applications include line and portable medical devices, such as defibrillators, as well as industrial lasers, ion generators for powder coating and painting equipment, cathode ray tube transformers, traveling wave tube transformers and more.

These transformers are particularly reliable in unstable or harsh environments, meeting or exceeding the performance, safety and quality standards of many U.S., European and Asian specifications. The 4283-1200 Series is priced beginning at $12.00 in low volumes.

For more information, visit www.datatronicsromoland.com.

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