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Flat-panel PC Demonstrates New Use for PoE

PowerDsine has announced its certification of the POET 6000, the world’s first power-over-Ethernet (PoE)-compliant flat-panel PC, designed by DSP Design. The POET 6000 will benefit from all PoE capabilities, including remote management, increased resiliency and flexibility of installation.

Traditionally, PoE has been used to power low-voltage devices such as wireless LAN access points, voice over IP phones and IP-based cameras. However, the flat-panel PC developed by DSP Design requires just 12 W of power. That requirement falls within the 15.4 W of power specified in the IEEE 802.3af PoE industry standard.

Don Findlay, sales director at DSP Design, said, “We are truly excited by the market potential of the PoE-enabled POET 6000. The integration of PoE means that the touchscreen computer can be installed in a wide range of locations, including industrial, retail and domestic environments with minimal hassle and disruption. Typical uses include interactive terminals such as kiosks, point of sale displays and industrial shop floor information screens.”

PoE technology simplifies installation and reduces costs for the POET 6000 flat-panel PC because power and data are transmitted over the same cable, removing the need for qualified electricians to install separate ac power outlets to power the device. This means the POET 6000 can be installed in virtually any location where an Ethernet RJ-45 jack is present.

DSP Design targets OEMs and systems integrators to install the POET 6000 flat-panel PCs in kiosks where ac power outlets are rarely found or are too expensive to install.

Igal Rotem, CEO of PowerDsine, added, “Power-over-Ethernet technology has been a major driver of wireless LAN and Voice over IP technology deployments. We expect to see PoE as a major driver of other devices such as touch-screen computers and laptops. Given the increasing number of PoE-enabled applications and devices, we expect that the certification of DSP Design’s flat-panel PC will lead to other PoE certifications for laptop devices.”

For more information, visit www.powerdsine.com.

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