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Filtered Power Connectors Attenuate Up to 10 GHz+

Anderson Power Products and Schaffner EMC have partnered to produce the ACARA male filtered power connectors, which provide high-frequency attenuation up to and beyond 10 GHz. A unique integral feed-though capacitor construction minimizes series inductance, ensuring a very high self-resonant frequency. In fact, as frequency increases, the impedance of the feed-through capacitor decreases exponentially.

To ensure user safety, the plastic housing of the ACARA female power connector’s plastic housing is polarized to the male filtered connector, preventing the installer from reversing polarity. Mating of similar ACARA connectors of different capacitance or operating voltage can be avoided using the optional 6-position key. ACARA power connector’s positive latch and wire strain relief further enhance the safety of the system. The positive latch prevents accidental unmating, but allows immediate power disconnect for emergency service or repair.

The connectors offer users cost reductions when compared with existing filtering solutions. Typical installations using common feed-through capacitors and connectors require up to three times the number of components and three times the installation labor.

ACARA filter connectors are now available in 65-A, 100-A, 150-A and 250-A ratings and in capacitances from 100 nF to 2100 nF. The products meet all applicable requirements of UL and EN. Pricing varies by amperage and capacitance.

For more information, visit www.andersonpower.com.

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