Power Electronics

Film Capacitors Suit DC Filtering Needs

AVX Corp. has increased the operating conditions of its FFVE medium-power film capacitor family. Specifically designed for dc filtering and low reactive power needs, these devices provide an alternative to electrolytic technology and are suitable for applications such as industrial power supplies.

The FFVE uses a non-impregnated metallized polypropylene or polyester dielectric, which features a controlled self-healing process, specially treated to have a very high dielectric strength. The capacitor has a capacitance range of 12 µF to 400 µF with a voltage range that extends to 1900 Vdc and an operating temperature of up to 105°C.

FFVE Capacitors meet Level 2 requirement of the fire behavior standard NF F 16-102. Typical pricing starts at $30 each in quantities of 100 pieces.

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