Power Electronics

Film Capacitors’ Low Inductance Suits DC Filter Applications

Electronic Concepts has announced a line of polypropylene film capacitors, the Unlytic Series. The capacitance values supported range from 6.5 µH to 275 µH, with inductance as low as 12 nH. Standard tolerances of ±20%, ±10%, and ±5% are available. The maximum current carrying capacity is 110 A, and operating voltages range from 500 Vdc to 2200 Vdc.

Operating temperature is from -55°C to +105°C. A specially developed thermoplastic improves thermal conductivity and protects against hostile environments in compliance with MIL-STD-202.

The capacitors are packaged with either male (UL31 and UL34) or female (UL32 and UL35) terminal configurations. Pricing on orders of 30 pieces starts at approximately $45 each.

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