Power Electronics

Film Alternative to Electrolytic Capacitors

Cornell Dubilier recently announced the availability of its new ElectroFilm series of power film capacitors, which can be used to replace aluminum electrolytics where an increase in reliability is desired. There are three new series. The UNL and UPP use metallized polypropylene dielectric in snap-in and screw terminal case styles, respectively. The third series, UPE, uses metallized polyester dielectric in a screw terminal case style. These new series provide stable high capacitance, high-voltage/current capabilities and low ESR characteristics.

All three of the ElectroFilm series are self healing, nonpolar and typically have three or more times the ripple current capability, more than two times greater life with no dry-out and one-tenth the ESR value of aluminum electrolytic capacitors. Capacitance range listed 7.5 µ to 600 µF, voltage range 300 Vdc to 1200 Vdc and operating temperature of –55°C to 85°C for all three series. Different capacitance values and voltage ratings are available on request.

For more information, visit www.cde.com.

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