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Fast Diode Power Modules Target High-power Designs

Advanced Power Technology Europe has announced a line of fast diode power modules in the SP4 and SP6 packages for high-power and high-frequency applications. These modules are offered in full rectifier bridge configuration in the SP4 and SP6 packages, and in dual common-anode, dual common-cathode and dual diode configurations in the SP6 package.

The low 17-mm profile of both the SP4 and SP6 offers minimum parasitic inductance and is compatible in height with MOSFET or IGBT modules, making the assembly of the fast diodes rectifiers and the corresponding power switches simple, using the same level of bus bars or pc board. The SP4 package has solderable terminals, while the SP6 module provides M5 screw connections.

All these modules incorporate fast recovery diodes with voltage ratings ranging from 200 V to 1700 V. In particular, the 600-V, 1000-V and 1200-V versions use the latest generation of very fast, soft recovery DQ series diodes from APT. The 100-A and 200-A full rectifier bridges are offered respectively in SP4 and SP6 packages, while all the other dual-diode configurations in SP6 are offered with 400-A current rating.

Main applications for this extended family are high-speed rectifiers in high-frequency converters or welding systems. These power diodes also can be used as free wheeling diodes in high-power converters. The low profile results in low parasitic inductances, making this product range a component of choice whenever space, electrical performance, weight and cost are a concern. Pricing for a 1000-piece quantity ranges from $30 to $70.

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