Power Electronics

Fast-Acting Surface-Mount Fuses

Raychem Circuit Protection’s new series of electronic chip fuses is for laptops, multimedia devices, cell phones and other portable electronics. The fast-acting fuses help provide overcurrent protection on systems using dc power sources of up to 125 Vac, and help facilitate the development of more reliable high-performance consumer electronics.

Available in industry standard 0402, 0603 and 1206 chip sizes, the surface-mount fuse line offers small size, high reliability, strong arc suppression characteristics, and the highest current ratings available in both 0402 and 0603 form factors. The fuse features clear time characteristics of 4 hrs minimum at 100% of rated current, 5 sec maximum at 250% of rated current, and 0.05 sec maximum at 400% of rated current.

The fuse’s monolithic, multilayer design provides high hold current in a small footprint, reducing diffusion-related aging, improves product reliability and resilience, and enhances high temperature performance in a wide range of circuit-protection designs. The RoHS-compliant device is designed for operating temperatures between –55°C to 125°C, and withstands soldering temperatures of up to 260°C for 60 sec maximum.

The Raychem surface-mount fuses are available on 7-in. (178-mm) reels for compatibility with high-volume assembly, and are UL recognized. In quantities of 10,000, unit pricing is $0.24.

For more information, visit login.sendmetric.com/ct/ct.php?t=62067&c=45485319&m=m&type=4.

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