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Falcon Electric Announces New Rackmount UPS

Falcon Electric, creator of single-phase on-line Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS), introduces new, compact on-line, sinewave 5- and 6-kVA rackmount UPSs at a low cost. The products, the SG Series 5- and 6-kVA Rackmount UPS Plus®,feature a 220-Vac and 230-Vac input and output.

These rackmount models are compact. Both the UPS and battery 3-U modules measure 5.2 in. x 19 in. x 23.6 in. This size allows users to place the unit in racks with limited space. Having the convenience of a separate battery and UPS module offers several advantages—it allows for hot-swappable batteries, easy battery maintenance and saves service costs since a lightweight module can be sent separately for repair.

Standard features include a high-efficiency true regenerative on-line design with input power factor correction, a wide input voltage window, tight voltage regulation (±3%), auto restart, a comprehensive front panel user interface, site wiring indicator and built-in surge protection.

These products incorporate advanced microprocessor control, monitoring and communications circuitry. Remote management and monitoring functions are available through a standard RS-232 port, or an optional SNMP/HTTP board with a TCP/IP addressable Ethernet connection. A second dry contact interface connector is also provided.

The list prices of the SG Series 5- and 6-kVA are $3,489 for the SG 5 kVA and $3,899 for the SG 6 kVA.

For more information, visit www.falconups.com.

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