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Fabricated Silicon OEM Parts Rocket 200%, Forecast is $412M for 2014

The 2010 market for fabricated silicon OEM parts for semiconductor and LED manufacturing equipment totaled $310M, up 200% over the 2009 low, according to a new report from Techcet Group, "Silicon Fabricated Parts for Semiconductor and LED Applications 2011," a Techcet Group Critical Materials Report. The outlook is for continuing recovery with an additional 10-15% growth in 2011, according to Techcet's latest forecast.

Two thirds of the 2010 revenues were generated by direct sales from silicon fabricators to end users, with the remaining third coming from OEMs. Sales to LED applications comprise over 20% of the total, primarily for MOCVD equipment. Lam, TEL and Applied Materials equipment drives over 85% of the semiconductor silicon parts, while Aixtron and Veeco drive more than 95% of the LED market.

Silicon parts are favored for tool components that contact the wafer, to minimize particle contamination issues resulting from thermal expansion mismatch.

In addition to market analysis, technical trends and critical supply chain issues, the report also profiles three silicon suppliers and fifteen silicon parts fabricators that support semiconductor and LED manufacturing equipment. OEM and fab parts manufactured from quartz, silicon carbide and ceramics are each covered in separate reports from Techcet Group.

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