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Extended-Current Range SCRs in Surface-Mount SOT-223 Package

Central Semiconductor Corp. has introduced a series of SCRs with an extended current range in the SOT-223 package. Members of this series include 2-A (CS223-2M and CS223-2N) and 4-A (CS223-4M and CS223-4N) devices. The M suffix signifies a peak repetitive off-state voltage of 600 V, while the N suffix signifies 800 V. These devices are rated at a gate trigger current (IGT) of 200 µA maximum. The SOT-223 package offers a low profile of 1.8 mm.

Prices for the CS223-2M start at $0.24 each for 3000 pieces on a 7-inch reel. Prices for the CS223-4M start at $0.32 each for 1,000 pieces on a 7-inch reel. Samples of these devices are available upon request. For pricing and availability on the CS223-2N or CS223-4N, contact Central's Sales Department.

For more information, see www.centralsemi.com/new.

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