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Ericsson Joins DOSA

The Distributed-power Open Standards Alliance (DOSA) has announced that Ericsson Power Modules, a manufacturer of dc-dc power modules, has joined the industry alliance. Ericsson joins current members Tyco Electronics Power Systems Inc., SynQor Inc., Celestica Power Systems, Lambda and Delta Electronics in this growing industry alliance.

“At Ericsson Power Modules, we are very enthusiastic to be joining DOSA,” said Patrick Le Fèvre, marketing director for Ericsson Power Modules. “The objectives of the alliance line up well with Ericsson's goals of industry leadership, technical excellence and customer satisfaction. Ericsson is eager to contribute to DOSA and to the development of compatible products that will serve the best interests of our mutual customers.”

Founded by Tyco Electronics and SynQor in February 2004, DOSA’s mandate is to establish standards over a broad range of power converter form factors, footprints, feature sets and functionality for both nonisolated point-of-load (POL) and isolated applications. DOSA standards for dc-dc converters ensure product compatibility and facilitate second sourcing for customers. Ericsson Power Modules has recently announced its PKU4000 series of DOSA-compatible sixteenth-brick dc-dc converters.

For more information, visit www.dosapower.com.

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