LED versus incandescent

Editor Lee Teschler's blog, “A waste of energy” takes on the debate over light quality from new and old types of bulbs. Read the details of his side-by-side comparison, see video from his brightly lit garage, and add your comments at

Harnessing human energy

The Green Revolution's approach to energy generation cashes in on the never ending physical-fitness craze. The company's power system installs on stationary bicycles and generates electricity whenever someone is pedaling. In practice, a commercial gym or fitness club can install these on all its stationary bikes and connect the outputs to the establishment's electrical grid - possibly producing enough electricity to power the entire facility. See it at

Quick PCBs

Sunstone Circuits ( has shortened lead times for printed circuit boards with its CAD Tool PCB123, including automated bill of materials, expanded parts libraries, synchronized layout and schematic views, and improved graphics. The new capabilities let the company ship boards in as little as one day.

Power-drain challenge

A dead mobile phone is inconvenient, to say the least. So Nokia's Power Drain Challenge seeks new, radical ideas to solve mobile power problems and extend a cell phone's battery life. Submissions to date include external power packs, fuel cells, and solar, kinetic, and bike chargers. The contest runs through August 1 and offers prizes for winning entries. Learn more at

Will wind work for you?

Evoco Energy's new Website ( has a payback predictor that assesses site suitability for electricity generation with a small wind turbine. Calculations are based on geographic location using a 15-meter turbine tower placed on an unobstructed site.

Electronics eCommunity

The Website from Premier Farnell plc is a world-wide forum for electronic design engineers. It provides product data and design tools and lets users share information, consult experts, discover trends, and post blogs and comments.

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