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Energy efficiency newsletter
The Energy Efficiency & Technology eNewsletter is a free, monthly roundup of the latest trends in energy efficiency technology, components, applications, and legislation. It’s for engineers designing products and processes with a focus on improving efficiency. The eNewsletter features sections on industry news, legislative developments, new products, as well as practical ideas on energy efficient design. Sign up at

Hybrid boasts power, range
VIA Motors E-REV Powertrain is said to deliver better mileage than a Prius with the power of a pickup. Company engineers take us through some of the finer details on the drive train for their series of extended range electric trucks, vans, and SUVs, which reportedly deliver over 400 hp and 100 mpg. View the episode at

Online wind-energy tools
The Dept. of Energy has two new online tools to help evaluate the viability of wind turbines installed near homes, businesses, schools, and hospitals. The Distributed Wind Site Analysis Tool ( and Distributed Wind Policy Comparison Tool ( use location and terrain information, predict energy output, and identify site-specific factors such as zoning and permitting costs and interconnection fees.

Energy savings estimator
Siemens Drive Technologies Div. has an online Energy Savings Estimator that lets users of drives, motors, couplings, and gearboxes estimate potential energy savings across the entire drive train. Given data on the application, horsepower, motor speeds, and gearbox reduction ratios, the Estimator evaluates potential savings and ROI of the recommended upgrade. For more info, visit

Power transmission for wind turbines
Altra Wind Technology’s new Website,, covers power transmission and motion control in wind turbines. Sections include rotor, yaw, and blade-pitch brakes, shaft-locking devices, high-speed shaft couplings, and access hatch actuators. Each offers technical details to improve efficiency, productivity, safety, and reliability.

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