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Emulator Supports MCU with CAN and LINbus Interfaces

STMicroelectronics announces the availability of the ST7MDT25-DVP3 in-circuit emulator for the ST72561, a family of microcontrollers that includes CAN and LINbus interfaces. This tool provides start-to-finish development support for automotive, industrial and consumer applications based on the ST72561, including real-time emulation, debugging and in-circuit programming.

ST’s DVP3 emulator series meets a growing need for affordable yet powerful debugging tools. Their modular design is based on a common main emulation board (MEB), which provides communication and interface capabilities, coupled with a target emulation board (TEB) dedicated to a single family of ST7 devices. The cables, adapters and connectors linking the emulator to the application board are provided in cost-saving adapter kits specific to each target family.

The tools deliver powerful real-time emulation capability, with support for debugging features such as trace and advanced breakpoint control. All take advantage of the ICC (in-circuit communication) bus of the ST7 to provide both in-circuit debugging and programming. By using the ICC interface with the popular ST7 Visual Develop software (STVD7), developers can program the microcontroller on its application board, debugging the software while it runs on the target MCU. Refining the application on the target ST7 in this way, as it nears the end of the development cycle, ensures conformity of electrical characteristics and simplifies interfacing with the application hardware.

The ST7MDT25-DVP3 is priced in the region of $1000, depending on options. For more information, visit www.st.com.

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