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EMC Compliance Management Accredited for China Compulsory Product Testing

EMC Compliance Management Group is a testing laboratory that is formally accredited by the China Quality Certification Centre (CQC), the accreditation body for testing to the new compulsory product certification mark, the China Compulsory Certification (CCC). EMC compliance was awarded certification number 2002020805000001 on May 8, 2002.

As part of China's commitment for entry into the World Trade Organization, the new Compulsory Product Certification System (CPCS) CCC mark integrates the two previous Chinese compulsory inspection systems, the CCEE approval, which certified product contents for import and export, and the CCIB product safety mark. A one-year transition period began on May 1, 2002 and ends April 30, 2003.

EMC Compliance Management Group specializes in wireless and information technology equipment (ITE) certification for the Chinese market. Five locations in China and Taiwan have been coordinated to meet market demand, with quick turnaround for CCC certification through the EMC Compliance local representative in Beijing. Recall and follow-up services are provided.

"We are very honored to be the first test lab accredited to offer CCC certification," said Paul Chen, EMC Compliance Management Group lab director. "The potential for export to China is staggering. We look forward to serving our customer certification requirements for export to this destined to be enormous market."

EMC Compliance Management Group is a globally recognized test laboratory for a broad range of compliance activity, product safety, emission and immunity testing services for EMC, Low-Voltage Differential (LVD), Medical, Machinery Directives, SEMI-S2 95, FDA, Bellcore, and Bluetooth requirements. EMC Compliance offers technical construction file (TCF) service, EMI problem solving, troubleshooting, on-staff modification engineering and on-site testing.

EMC Compliance facilities include a forklift accessible ANSI C63.4.92/CISPR16 anechoic chamber with an 8,000-lb. capacity turntable, a shielded screen room, plus a 3-m semi-anechoic chamber and a 10-m Open Air Test Site (OATS), with excellent correlation between sites. Located in Silicon Valley, EMC Compliance is ISO 17025, ISO 9002, EN 45001and Guide 25 certified.

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