Power Electronics

Electrical Terminal Eliminates Post Insulation

The Ultra-Pod .250 Series FASTON Tab from Tyco Electronics offers F-crimp wire termination and is applied with an all-in-one applicator that crimps the terminal to wire and inserts it into the insulation housing. Post-insulation processes are unnecessary when using this product. Its fold-over tab design permits reliable terminations with longer applicator tool life and consistent strand capture due to a more accommodating wire barrel. It’s also suitable for quick-connect and power I/O applications in major appliances, HVAC equipment, power supplies, generators, off-highway vehicles and equipment, buses, trucks, and power lawn and garden equipment.

Ultra-Pod .250 Series FASTON Tabs connect with .250 × .032 receptacles and accept 18AWG to 10 AWG wire with insulation diameters up to .200. Contacts are made from tin-plated brass, and the nylon housing meets UL 94V-2 flammability requirements. Contacts, which are suitable for solid or stranded wire, are rated for 600Vac.

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