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Electric Vehicles Test Drive Li-ion Batteries

Valence Technology Inc., the developer of the Saphion large-format Lithium-ion (Li-ion) rechargeable battery technology, has received a second order from Alternativ Canada, a developer of alternative energy technologies, for field trials of its U-Charge Power Systems. Alternativ Canada has purchased the U-Charge systems to power a fleet of electric Hyundai Accents.

Alternativ Canada selected the U-Charge systems over lead-acid batteries, which the company used in the past. With Valence’s U-Charge systems, the cars will increase their driving range per charge from approximately 30 km to 100 km. In addition to tripling the driving range, the U-Charge systems offer other advantages over lead-acid batteries, including lower weight, higher energy density, smaller footprint and longer life.

Unlike conventional lead-acid batteries, the Li-ion chemistry is considered to be a “green” technology. Valence’s Saphion-based technology contains no heavy metals, negating any of the disposal issues that plague other technologies, supporting Alternativ Canada’s environmental goals. Alternativ Canada converts conventional combustion engine cars into electric cars to decrease greenhouse effect emissions and give traditional gas cars a new life by converting them to zero emission vehicles (ZEV). Alternativ Canada will lease the electric cars back to businesses throughout Canada for making local deliveries.

In addition to the ecological benefits, this conversion provides cost savings through decreased vehicle maintenance. The Alternativ Canada cars operate under a custom maintenance plan, which includes the use of special transmission and power steering oils made from animal and vegetable residue that are 100% biodegradable and non-corroding.

For more information, visit www.valence.com or visit www.alternativ.ca.

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