Power Electronics

Electric Double Layer Capacitor

The 4.6V Electric Double Layer Capacitors (EDLCs) in capacities of 1.5 F and 3.5 F act as a power bridge between conventional capacitors and batteries. Ideally suited to supply peak power for portable and handheld devices that transmit data for 10 sec or more, they bridge the gap between the battery and capacitor by providing energy bursts that neither batteries nor traditional capacitors can provide efficiently. The EDLC relieves the battery of peak power functions to extend battery life and reduce battery size and cost.

Delivering energy densities that are 300 times that of conventional capacitors, they offer significant advantages in applications such as mobile electronics, where power, size, and cost are at a premium.

The 4.6V offering provides a seamless solution for retrofitting portable designs that commonly operate in the 4.5V to 5V range. The NESSCAP EDLC is characterized by its high energy density— that of comparable products— possible by its proprietary electrode and specially developed electrode-manufacturing process that result in a higher capacitance and significantly lower equivalent series resistance (ESR) than other ultracapacitors. The 3.5 F 4.6V EDLC exhibits capacitance of 3.5 F and an ESR value of only 150 m&#937(dc), at currents of more than 1A.

For more information, visit www.nesscap.com.

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