Power Electronics

DVD/Set-Top Box Reference Design

Power Integrations’ new Design Accelerator Kit (DAK-32) is for applications such as DVD players/recorders and set-top boxes. The DAK-32 features a cost-effective, energy-efficient 20-W power supply reference design that easily meets a 1-W standby input power consumption and delivers enough peak power to start motors and spin up drives found in DVD players and recorders.

The DAK-32 is the latest addition to a growing suite of application-oriented power supply design tools from the company. It contains a tested 20-W (25-W peak) universal input ac-dc power supply, PI Expert™ design software, TOPSwitch®-GX power conversion IC samples, and extensive design collateral. In standby mode, the multiple output supply draws less than 1 W of input power at 230 Vac while supplying 0.5 W to its load.

The reference design uses a new member of the company's TOPSwitch-GX IC family, the TOP245P, in a 7-pin DIP package capable of delivering up to 30 W of continuous power without requiring a heatsink. By eliminating the heatsink, power supply designers can benefit from a lower system cost and greater reliability. Other high-performance features of the TOP245P include a high-voltage power MOSFET with PWM control, fault protection and other control circuitry integrated onto a single CMOS chip, built-in soft-start, 132-kHz switching frequency (automatically reduced at light load), frequency jittering for low EMI, wide maximum duty cycle, and hysteretic thermal shutdown.

For more information, visit www.powerint.com.

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