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Dual-Voltage System

Valere Power’s new family of dc power converters for its Modular Power System gives wireless carriers a flexible and space-efficient solution to the problem of differing voltage needs of legacy cellular equipment and next-generation voice and data gear.

Many cell sites use 24-V power and battery backup systems because it was the de facto standard for first generation cellular network equipment. But global system for mobile communications (GSM) and third-generation (3G) data networks use 48-V power, requiring carriers to install power infrastructure for both voltages in the same wireless base station.

Complicating the situation even further is the increased use of signal boosting amplifiers that enlarge the geographic service area of a base station, filling in dead spots and lessening the need to build new base stations. While this equipment works with all network types, including GSM, it is only available in 24-V power resulting in a dual-voltage scenario for GSM-only locations.

The Valere dual-voltage solution consists of a family of dc-dc power converters that slide into the existing power shelf of a Valere Modular Power System and a secondary voltage bus of either 24 V or 48 V. Wireless carriers can flexibly add additional converters to change the voltage mix of the system as their equipment configurations change.

Valere’s new power converter is based on its patented high-efficiency power technology that delivers systems that are half the size and dissipate 35% less heat than conventional technology. In a traditional dual-voltage solution, the equipment can occupy up to two full telecommunications racks with enough additional heat to potentially require additional cooling. The equivalent Valere base station power system will occupy no more than one telecommunications rack.

The architecture of the system was designed so that only a single backup battery string is needed. In the event of a power outage, the system will automatically convert battery backup power into both voltages.

The company also announced upgrades to the power distribution panel in the Modular Power System that supports breakers that can connect to either voltage bus for distribution to the proper networking equipment.

The Modular Power System is Valere’s high-power system designed for wireless cell sites and telecommunications central-offices with scalability from 800 A to 20,000 A.

For more information, visit www.valere.com.

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