Power Electronics

Dual Pair Schottkys Fit in SOT-26

Central Semiconductor’s CMXSH2-4LS dual pair of low-VF Schottky diodes are packaged in a space-saving SUPERmini SOT-26 surface-mount case. This new device consists of two pairs of low-VF Schottky diodes configured in series, with a maximum continuous forward current of 200 mA per diode, a maximum peak repetitive reverse voltage of 40 V and a typical forward voltage drop of 0.35 V at 100 mA.

Designed for switching applications requiring a low forward voltage drop, the CMXSH2-4LS is suitable for portable handheld applications where battery efficiency is a concern. The CMXSH2-4LS may be configured as a bridge rectifier by using an alternative mounting geometry.

Prices for the CMXSH2-4LS start at $0.12 each for 3000 pieces on a 7-in. reel. Sample devices are available upon request.

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