Power Electronics

Dual-Output PWM Controller Features Low Cost

Intersil Corp. has introduced a high-performance, dual PWM controller optimized for converting wall adapter, battery or network intermediate bus dc input supplies into the system supply voltages required for a variety of general-purpose products. The ISL6440 provides two independently programmable, synchronous buck-regulated voltage outputs. Employing voltage feed-forward with current-mode control, the controller operates from an input supply voltage range of 5.6 V to 24 V or 4.5 V to 5.6 V.

The two controllers can be operated 180 degrees out-of-phase to reduce the required input capacitance and power supply induced loads. No external current sense resistors are needed because the controllers employ lower MOSFET RDS(ON) sensing.

Other features include programmable soft-start, power good indicator, undervoltage lockout, overcurrent protection, overtemperature protection and independent shutdown for both PWMs.

The ISL6440 is available now in a 24-lead, 5-mm × 5-mm QSOP. Pricing in 10,000-unit quantities is $1.30 each.

For more information, visit www.intersil.com.

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