Power Electronics

Dual LDO Regulator Measures 2.5-mm x 2.5-mm

From Micrel, the MIC5264 is a dual LDO regulator offered in a 2.5-mm x 2.5-mm MLF-10 leadless package. The LDO provides a design solution that is 30% smaller than that of previous products. The MIC5264 delivers 150 mA on each independently controllable output and comes with a range of fixed-voltage options. Output voltage options include 2.8 V/1.5 V; 2.8 V/2.8 V; 2.85 V/2.85 V; 3.0 V/1.8 V; 3.0 V/2.8 V; 3.0 V/3.0 V. Input voltage range is 2.7 V to 5.5 V and typical dropout voltage is 210 mV at 150 mA.

Each output has low output noise (57 µVrms) and high-power supply rejection ratio (70 dB at 1 kHz), along with excellent transient response and low current consumption. Quiescent current is 90 µA per LDO. Currently sampling, the MIC5264 is offered in a lead-free (RoHS compliant) package and is priced starting at $0.49 in quantities of 1000.

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